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Choosing your real fresh Christmas tree

Nothing beats the smell of a real Christmas tree over the festive period, but which is the best tree to choose? Our Christmas tree guide looks at the most popular varieties hopefully helping you choose.

Christmas tree varieties – which is the best tree to choose?

Choosing your real Christmas tree is always a highlight of the festive season, but other than the size and shape, what are the things to consider when buying your tree? Here at New Farm / Real Fresh we try to shed some light on the situation.

Norway Spruce

Known as the traditional Christmas tree. The spruce is known for:

  • A wonderful shape and an abundance of branches – great for hanging lots of decorations!
  • A lovely ‘Christmassy’ scent that’s perfect for the festive period
  • Being a little sharp and spikey to touch

Best suited for:

With a long lasting scent and a traditional shape, Norway spruce are perfect for those who appreciate the classic look and smell of Christmas. Little children & pets would be less appreciative due to the sharpness of the needles to the touch.

Tips on looking after your tree

It is best to buy your Norway Spruce nearer to Christmas as it can lose its needles quite quickly once brought indoors. To help your spruce retain its needles for longer, keep it away from the radiator and ensure it is watered every day. If a period of time passes before you bring your tree indoors remove 1cm off the bottom of the tree as a seal may form once cut & could reduce your trees water intake.

The Nordman Fir

Our Nordmann fir Fresh Christmas tree is one of the most popular varieties in The UK & Europe.

This tree is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK & known for:

  • Having soft foliage and an even shape (Beautiful & easy to hang lots of chocolates on)
  • Dark green needles that have a Light blue/white underside
  • Strong & flexible branches, great for hanging those big heavy decorations

Best suited for:

The big, soft needles make this tree very popular with families who have children & pets. Also a few Nordman needles in your slippers won’t do you any harm.

Tips on looking after your tree

The Nordmann fir can be a rather wide tree, so a fairly large space is needed if you want to express the full size of your tree. A 6ft tall tree could be potentially 5.5ft in width.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser fir again has great needle retention similar to the Nordman. A very popular tree.

Our second most popular low needle drop tree best known for:

  • Great needle retention & a beautifull pine scent

The Fraser has a more tight nit branch system, which can sometimes make it hard to get those all important hanging chocolates on.

Will carry a great amount of heavy decorations as the branches will flex a little to suit.

Best suited for:

Great needle retention which makes it perfect for families with Children & pets. Lovely soft needles. The Fraser tends to be a lot slimmer in size than the Spruce & the Nordman which makes it great for houses where space is at a premium.

Tips on looking after your tree:

Will last all the way through the festive period with a lovely scent of pine. Fraser Needles won’t cause any issues to houses with small families & pets.

Which ever tree you choose to share your home with this Christmas our team are here to help from free advice to free delivery. We are here to help either at the farm or online. Please contact us with any quires regarding our trees.

Wishing you all a merry Christmas & a great new Year.