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Your real tree is a natural product, cared for by us for 6 to 10 years before coming into your home. It is a plantation tree grown for your enjoyment & not taken from natural woodland. For every tree we sell at least one more is planted in its place.

By following a few simple instructions you can keep your tree fresh & fragrant all through the festive period. Its best to keep your tree outside in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it inside & decorate, this will increase the moisture in the tree. Your tree is freshly cut to order. Should it be more than 4 days after your tree is delivered that you bring it inside if possible cut 1cm off the bottom of the tree before placing in your stand, fill with water & make sure the water level in your stand doesn’t drop below the bottom of the butt of your tree. Should this happen a seal may form on your tree & it may not then take in water.

Remember trees can be very thirsty, they may drink between 0.5 litres to 2.0 litres every day.Always where possible use a water holding stand & check your water level daily. Some days you may see no different & on others you will see its requires topping up.

Please recycle your tree

Please dispose of your tree thoroughly, find out about local recycling schemes. We as a grower don’t operate a scheme as it wouldn’t be possible to collect all the 200,000 trees we sell. Most local authorities operate a scheme please look them up & call for more info.

Thank you
Team @ real fresh